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Advisors and Helpers

Dr Brian Smith, the person leading the lizard research, is Assistant Professor at Black Hills State University.

Why were you so interested in working on this project?
'I am interested in the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, especially snakes. When I heard about the Antiguan racer project, it seemed to me that if I did nothing else in my life, helping to save one species from extinction was a worthwhile goal.'

Ryan Baum is a student at BHSU. He has worked with Dr Smith since the lizard research began, and co-wrote the first lizard survey report in 1999.

What help have you had with your work?
'In 1999, there were only two of us, but the other partners gave us lots of support. They provided scientific guidance, knowledge of local natural history and, best of all, they visited us on our research islands and kept us supplied with cold drinks!'

Since the initial survey in 1999, other people have lent a hand. Oniika Davis, a graduate from Trinidad, heard about the project through the University of The West Indies Biological Society. She worked as a field assistant on the lizard research during July-August 2000.

What was the hardest part of the work?
'Standing in one spot for two hours at a time, morning and afternoon, during the hottest part of the day, counting every lizard that I could see.'

What did you enjoy most?
'Working with different people from different countries and learning more about the project and the animals it is trying to save.'


Green gladiators - enjoy the highlights of a spotted tree lizard fight.
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