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So far so good
There are many ways to support the work of the Antiguan Racer Conservation Project. Helping the partners to raise funds is one of the most valuable.

Why not make a donation, or help your school to raise money for the project? It doesn't matter how much. Everything helps.

Where will the money go?

Here are some of examples of what your money can buy...,

  • US$5 (£3) pays for a microchip tag to mark a racer safely and permanently
  • US$50 (£30) will enable us to teach 50 local children about wildlife conservation
  • US$500 (£300) is enough to train a local student in wildlife survey techniques
  • US$5,000 (£3,000) will help to pay for an offshore island to be completely cleared of rats and mongooses
It's easy to make a donation. Just print off and fill in one of these two forms, sending it to whichever address suits you better:
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