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Total number of Antiguan racers, aged one year or more, 1995 to 2001

Guess what?

  • The Antiguan racer's picture recently appeared on Antigua and Barbuda's EC$50 telephone card.
  • 90% of the racer population has been marked with a microchip tag, making it easy to study how quickly they grow and how long they live.
  • After two female racers were moved to a new island where there were more lizards to eat, their body mass (weight) trebled in just six months.
  • Over a quarter of independent visitors to Great Bird Island find out about the Antiguan racer as a result of the project.
  • In the 1999 Whitley Awards for International Nature Conservation, the project came second out of over 60 entries and its Scientific Co-ordinator won the Iris Darnton Award for International Wildlife Conservation, presented by HRH Princess Anne.
  • The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project is now being used a model to help conserve endangered reptiles and other wildlife in the rest of the West Indies.

Big head - measuring how quickly the racers are growing
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