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The United States sanctioned three corrupt Bulgarian politicians: notorious entrepreneur and gambling magnate Vasil Bozhkov, previous politician and nationwide protection official Ilko Zhelyazkov, and one particular of the most strong “kingmakers” Delyan Peevski.

Now they are included to the Magnitsky listing together with companies involved in their schemes, in accordance to the latest money news.

Bulgaria, a member of the EU and NATO, even now struggles towards large corruption in politics and enterprise due to the fact of these kinds of persons as Vasil Bozhkov, who is explained as “the most infamous gangster in Bulgaria” by US authorities. Previously, he was also accused of many crimes, including fraud circumstances related with taxes. Bozhkov was taken by the law enforcement in the United Arab Emirates. Throughout a lengthy interval, beginning from the 90s, he was the chief in the country’s gambling business enterprise.

In the reviews about this incident, Andrea M. Gacki, Director of Place of work of Overseas Property Manage has stated that the Usa supports all Bulgarians who want to get rid of the corruption that undermines economic procedures and the track record of democratic establishments. 

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